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Since 1998 we have provided leads to over 150,987 Network Marketers!

We are your one-stop-shop for the best Home Based Business and MLM leads! We provide our customers with the freshest, up-to-date leads and information in order to help you and your business succeed. All of our leads are highly qualified individuals that are interested in getting involved with a home based business. If you’re looking to expand your business, we’ve got the leads MLM Leadsand information you need! Our company is dedicated to supplying you and your business with the best leads possible! We understand you need a reliable and credible lead source and that’s why we’re here!

Not only do we pride ourselves in providing Top Quality MLM Lead Generation Services, but also in the best Customer Service. Also, we provide great training, live training calls every week plus our 20 module training course located at Your satisfaction is most important to us! You are able to reach our Customer Service Representatives either by phone or email, whichever is more favorable to you. We are the best in customer service because we want to help you succeed! If you serious about your mlm leads, then leadpower is the only choice for mlm leads and training.

Our proprietary user interface back office delivers your leads and gives you access to your leads 24/7. You will be given a username and password and have direct access to all your data anytime. When we generate a lead you will be notified by email and the data will be placed in your back office as an added back.


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Our Short Form MLM Leads provide vital contact information of interested prospects who have expressed interest in starting a home business.

Our Phone Interviewed Leads are not just contact lists. Prospects have a confirmed interest in learning more about home based

Our custom company specific leads create new opportunities for your business to reach to prospects that are looking for a home based business.

There are over 240 area codes in the US. We can deliver leads generated daily.

We have leads available from 52 countries. If you plan on building your business internationally this is a great way to start before you spend money on travel.

Join our affiliate program and earn free leads. This is a great way to get the word out about our leads and to build your business.

Register and get 10 free real-time business opportunity leads. These leads are real time short form leads and are responsive. No credit card required!

Here is a summary of all our lead offers on one page we have over 20 different lead types to choose from.

  • Our Telephone Interviewed Leads are not just contact lists. Our Verification Department has contacted each individual lead before you receive it to ensure their seriousness in wanting to start a home based business. You will receive all of their contact information and best time to call so that you are able to contact them at a convenient time and speak with an individual that is sincere about making money from home. We also offer our Telephone Interviewed Leads in female only for any business that prefers contacting only women.
  • Our Real Time Short Form Leads are the greatest thing around when it comes to Home Based Business and MLM leads! These leads are the freshest possible! Here’s how it works: a person accesses the internet and requests information about working from home. Within seconds of when they click “Submit,” their information is emailed directly to you! By delivering the leads instantly, if you are logged onto your email, you are able to contact them immediately, possibly while they’re still online! Our high-speed technology will work wonders for you and you’re business! Real Time Leads are available in the United States only.

About our Company

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible tools to build your network marketing business. There are some critical areas in building your business that are very important and can never be overlooked. Having new prospects look at your business is by far the most important task you can ever accomplish in network marketing. The next key, is having the skill set and knowing what to say to prospects. We provide ongoing real-time prospects that are looking for ways to make an additional income by working from home and we also provide you with scripts and training calls where you can listen to us do live calls and speak to prospects.
The Leadpower Promise: Here at LeadPower we talk through experience, we have been generating leads since 1998 and have helped over 150,000 network marketers. The founder of our company founder has been a network marketer himself for over 20 years. He has built some very large groups consisting of well over hundreds of thousands of distributors. He understands how network marketing works and understands sauce how lead generation works as well.
Our philosophy: is to generate the best value in helping you build your business. We understand that a lot of people join network marketing to make money not necessarily to spend money. Even though, there are some expenses involved in supporting your business we try to make that as painless as possible.
We can deliver: We are generating three types of leads that are focused towards the network marketing industry. The following is a weekly breakdown: 3,000 telephone interviewed, 1,500 Long Form surveyed leads and 4,500 Real Time Short Forms. With over 40,000 real-time leads generated every month. We are the leader in lead generation for network marketers.
Our training: We offer live dials training calls weekly. We actually call our own leads and prospect like were a distributor looking for new reps. We usually have hundreds of people on our conference call, they are muted and are able to listen as we discuss the various options with the prospect. Every one of these calls are slightly different and after every time there is a call made we do a analysis of the response and break down the elements of the call. This is what training is about! Imagine listening to this live this is not theory but it’s real training. The best of all, these calls are absolutely free to our customers and our future customers.